Sunday, July 27, 2014

So I started a new Blog


It's been more than a year (I think. Memory is a hazy) since my last post, and I don't think anyone is still reading this. In case you are, my reasons for not blogging are simply: I got tired of whining on the internet. I whined as much as I possibly could. No more. Period. 

Although, I still like writing, and hence I started blogging about the one true love of my life: Arsenal Football Club. It's a little nicer, more detailed, and I do know a fair bit about football. So yes, that's what I'm upto now. I can't promise I won't crack bad jokes, but I can promise to teach you about football in case you're interested. So in case you're still with me at this point, come visit sometime if you have the time. Said blog maybe found at :