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Happy New Year guys. See you on the other side

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best TV Shows of 2011

Since I haven't managed to catch all the films of 2011 (waiting for their DVD screeners. Piracy zindabad!), and since all american tv shows are off air till the new year, I though I'd do a 'best-of' list regarding the TV shows. There's of course an added caveat that since no non-television critic can watch all TV shows airing, my list of course would be woefully incomplete. I haven't had a chance to watch critically acclaimed shows such as Breaking Bad, Homeland, or even Community (aside from the random episodes I saw in its first season). Anyways, I'll leave you to judge for yourself.

8) The Walking Dead

It's a show set in a post apocalyptic wasteland filled with zombies, what's not to like?! Well technically, this show could have been much higher up on the list. In all honesty, the first season wowed me. And while the second season is still good per say, its a lot slower, and with lesser zombies.

7) New Girl

Common, everybody loves Zooey Deschanel. Yes, that woman from 500 Days of Summer. She plays the same quirky character she's always played, and no, I'm not complaining. The rest of the cast is pretty great as well, and the show is genuinely funny...for the most part. 

6) How I Met Your Mother

Seven seasons and counting! Sure, there are several complaints that it's become too repetitive, and season 7 is more of a drama than a sitcom. Me, I don't find these problems. Sure, every once in a while there's an episode which is kinda dumb, but mostly season 7 has been great so far. It's had some of the most emotional story lines ever in a sitcom, and yet it manages to keep the laughs coming. 

5) The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 is better than ever. With the added regular characters of Bernadette and Amy, the already 5 member cast has become an awesome 7 member cast. Also, how can Sheldon having a Sheldonesque girlfriend in Amy not be funny? 

4) Castle 

I thought the season 3 finale was the high point of the series. But season 4 tops it. Right from the emotional impact of the season opener, to the episode where Castle is in a hostage crisis, the latest season of Castle has grown from strength to strength. The supporting cast especially Ryan and Esposito too received their share of action. Also the 'will they-won't they' camaraderie between Castle and Beckett never grows old.  

3) Shameless

Generally remakes of popular British shows aren't that great (The Office being an exception), but this show was brilliant. I haven't seen the British original, but this show stands well on its own. A dramatic comedy about a working class family, has an assorted bunch of quirky and interesting characters. This show is dark (really, really dark), but its always fun, and packs in an emotional punch. 

2) Happy Endings

It started off late, following Mr. Sunshine (a show I was rooting for). The entire first season (telecasted out of order) was crap. It had to be one of the worst Friends rip-off I'd ever seen. It had terrible ratings, and was bound to be cancelled. But then a strange thing happened. Matt Perry went into rehab, therefore Mr. Sunshine had to be cancelled. Since the channel didn't have anything else, Happy Endings was renewed for a couple episodes. And the spark that I saw only in the pilot (and perhaps in one or two episodes) turned into what I can now safely say is one of the funniest comedies on TV. Sure, its a show about six friends in Chicago, but its strength lies in its idiosyncratic humour and the super chemistry between the cast. Also, the sole gay character in the show is the most non-stereotypical gay character every. And yes, its a bloody good thing (not to mention, hilarious). 

1) Modern Family

Strange. Quirky. Hilarious. Slapstick. Heart-warming. All these adjectives don't even begin to describe what has been the best show on tv since its very inception. Already in its 3rd season and still as strong as ever, Modern Family is truly, truly brilliant. Every character is downright hilarious. Of course Phil and Cam take the crown, but the rest of the cast isn't too far behind. Plus, the little montages at the end simply put a wide smile on your face. If there's anything certain in life, its definitely that Modern Family is the most fun you can have in 21 minutes.

These were of course my favourite tv shows in 2011, with New Girl taking the awards for both 'Most Pleasant Surprise' and 'Best New TV Show'. A special mention for Person of Interest, which is a good show. Not grand by any means, but definitely a show worth watching.

Also the award for the 'Most Disappointing New Show' goes to Terra Nova. Not because it's bad or un-watchable. It's simply because when you mix futuristic technology with dinosaurs, coupled with a huge budget and Steven Spielberg producing, one expects a lot more than simply 'watchable'.

The 'Most Irritating Show which people will keep watching' is of course Two and a Half Men. Now that Charlie Sheen's trademark 'I'm an alcoholic and a sex-addict' jokes are gone, Alan's irritating shenanigans completely take over. Can't believe I  (along with millions of other people) still watch this.

Monday, December 19, 2011

One of the best films of 2011 that you'll never watch

So its awards season again. And frankly speaking, I get more disappointed every year. The most deserving film rarely takes home the Oscar, and most of the time, the best films don't even get nominated. I could keep ranting about how the Deathy Hallows Part 2 deserves at least a best pic nomination, Alan Rickman deserves his nomination, but this post is about another movie. A movie you've probably never even heard about.

50/50 was one of the best films of the year. It was a comedy-drama about Cancer, and starred the likes of Joseph Gordon- Levitt (you know him as the guy from Inception), Seth Rogen (you know him as the guy in such comedies as Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin) and Anna Kendrick (you know her as...I think she was in the first Twilight film). The screenwriter based the movie on his experience with Cancer, and this movies biggest achievement is how it manages to get the comedy to go hand in hand with a subject matter like Cancer. At the same time, there's a whiff of a traditional rom-com, which doesn't seem unnecessary at all. Basically Joseph Gordon gets Cancer in the film, Seth Rogen is his best friend who wants to get laid for the most part, and Kendrick is his therapist. Add in an over-bearing mom, and you have one of the sweetest, most dramatic and the funniest (not Bridesmaids funny) movie of the year.

From the performances, to the story, right down to the music (any movie which features High and Dry and Yellow Ledbetter qualifies as good music), all of it was pitch perfect. And here's the strange part. Few people have seen it, and no one wants to award it. But when endless sequels and comic book movies and the so called 'award-baiting' films have the limelight, there really isn't hope for a film titled 50/50 is there? Do watch it if you can. It doesn't have a glittering vampire, robots, or some directors attempt at trying to figure out the meaning and the origin of the universe. But it does have a heart.

PS: I don't have an issue with well made event films (Deathly Hallows part 2, X-Men: First Class, MI4 etc) or well made award-baits (Midnight in Paris, The Help). I do have a problem with films like The Green Lantern, The Smurfs, Melancholia, and films where the constantly whining chick gets married to a glittering vampire at the age of 17, while her former werewolf lover tries to mate with her new-born monster kid (did i get that right?)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Keeping with the season, I decided to give the blog a little Christmas-y look. Tell me what you think.
Also, in case you wanna change around the look of your blog (ie add snowflakes and all), tell me and I'll do a post on that. Cheers

Grooveshark playlist of the month

So these are the top 10 songs which are on my grooveshark playlist for the month. Genre is mostly limited to alternative rock, indie and folk.

1) See You Soon - Coldplay

2) Waiting for an Invitation - Benji Hughes

3) Walk - Foo Fighters

4) This Time Tomorrow - The Kinks (a classic!) 

5) Song for You - Alexi Murdoch

6) Yesterday Was Hard On All of Us - Fink

7) New Slang - The Shins (been stuck in my head since I saw Garden State.....over a month ago!)

8) Here Comes a Regular - The Replacements (another classic! Unfortunately I could only find covers on youtube. Damn you record companies!)

9) Slow Your Breath Down - Future of Forestry

10) Holocene - Bon Iver (one of the few actual songs that were nominated for this years Grammy Awards. Other 'artists' nominated this year were Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars *feels like throwing up*)


Enjoy :) 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Delhi flash mob fail!

I'm sorry guys but this really isn't cool. Or fun. And sadly it reeked 'gimmicky' and 'we want publicity' even before it actually failed. Plus you called the media.  I mean I love my friends from Delhi, but seriously guys, not happening. On the other hand you did give the rest of India material for laughter, so cheers for that :) Okay I'm just being mean, but can you blame me after watching the video?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flash Mob at CST, Bombay

It's things like these which make me miss Bombay so much....
Seriously, isn't this the coolest city in the country...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

So now what..

1) Couldn't think of a better title.

2) Have a submission tomorrow and I haven't done shit.

3) Two pegs down (this is called dedication).

4) Dynamic view template was cool. for like a day. Hate that I couldn't customize it so back to the old, classic 'I can make my blog look however I want' look.

5) Been too busy. Didn't have time to read your blogs. Sorry :P

6) Love life is the same as always (non-existent).

7) Reiterating this point but: work, work, work.

8) Done with painting most of the graffiti on my hostel room wall. Should put up a picture as soon as I'm done.

9) Anyone know any date-able women? They seem to have died out in Kolkata. I'm not desperate...oh wait I am.

10) Also I wish 9) doesn't alienate the female readership.

Will read your blogs soon, and make nonsensical comments. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Children's books

I still read a lot of children's literature. No, I'm not embarrassed by it, I do this proudly. Sure there would be some out there who might point and laugh if I tell them that I recently read 'Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune', but you know what, I really am a proud reader.

It's something to do with the fact that I don't like growing up. Let me tell you this, growing up is a pain in the ass. I don't want responsibilities, I don't want to deal with the pressures of life and I definitely don't feel like making a mark or something like that. There's something oddly liberating about reading a book meant for kids. I like to relive the days when the best moments were reading Harry Potter, and the worst ones, believe it or not, were when I wasn't allowed to waste my time reading the same novel for the tenth time as I had exams. We've all been there haven't we? And all children's books are so much fun to read. The crazy plots, the good old fashioned clean humour, and all the hopeful characters. And no matter what, the best ones always manage to put a smile on your face. It's something that very few adult books manage to do. There's always a tinge of cynicism, and all those realistic settings, while more believable, definitely don't give one as much joy as exploring a chocolate factory or diagon alley.

You know what, I actually think I know why a lot of adults wouldn't read a book meant for kids. All those fantastical elements seem 'kiddish' to them. But that's where they are wrong. I think that when you're a kid, you can believe in the magical, the fantastical. And as adults, its kind of hard to believe in the same. I really think most people tend to lose a lot when they grow up, but more so than anything else, they loose their imagination. And when you feel nostalgic about your childhood, its because you miss the simple joys of life, you miss the time when you could believe just about anything in the world.

But more than anything else, I love reading children's books is because I know that no matter how bad things get, no matter the pain and the suffering, there's always gonna be a happy ending. That's something no adult novel can promise you of, but in a kids book you just know everything's gonna be alright again. I want my life to be like a children's book, I want to be assured of a happy endings.  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why we love Shah Rukh Khan

Yes, I saw Ra.One. Yes, I know it's crap. Yes, there might be some of you out there saying 'No I don't!', and well you're allowed your opinion, but let me put it to you this way. Shah Rukh Khan's movies have been making insane amounts of money before anyone knew so much money could be made out of movies. And he's been making movies for a long time now. So I'm guessing quite a few people like him (especially NRIs and Germans. No idea what's up with that). 
But to think of it, SRK is an oddity. He's not the most good looking actor. He's not the best actor either. He can dance, but isn't the best. He does't have the most diverse roles. And despite a lot of claims, he isn't larger than life like say, Rajinikanth or even Salman Khan. He doesn't appeal to masses like Salman Khan (making lots of money doing the same thing in terrible movies), or the classes like Aamir Khan. 
So yes, SRK is an oddity. On top of that, he's played ultra-romantic characters for most of his life.
But say what you want about him, you can't deny that he's been super successful. So what is it?

You know what, SRK acts in a lot of commercial films, always playing the same old character. But every once in a while he plays a role completely different than what he's done before. I think it comes at a gap of every two years. Think about it. Swades, as the NRI who has life-altering journey. Chak De India, as the strict, but awe-inspiring coach. Even My Name is Khan. Does he impress? For the most part. 

But I have a different take on why we love him. It's also why many of his crap movies work. Just him. It's hard to not like him. Be it his onscreen avatar, or his real life person, he does his best to charm the pants out of you. Because he always seems jovial, friendly, like the coolest kid in school who still wouldn't hesitate to be friends with the biggest loser. Watch any tv show, whenever SRK is in front of the camera, you just end up watching it anyways. He always manages to crack jokes, even at his own expense, loves to talk about his wife, and is always grateful. Yes he seems arrogant once in a while, but its usually the fun kind of arrogance. And he always seems to love kids. 
So all in all, yes, we love Shah Rukh Khan, because he seems the type of guy you could be friends with. 
Don't believe me, try this. Think about at least one SRK movie which you like, where he is the star. Watch it, and then tell me if you don't like the movie mainly because of him. 

And here's one of my favourite films. 

PS: Happy Diwali guys! sorry for taking the one month break. What to do, stupid projects took up my time. And the diwali sweets just made me lazy. Cheers :D

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Last Dance (2999 AD)

January 1st, 2999 AD: The world is dying. What was once a blue planet is no more. It's sometimes a memory, but mostly it's just a dream. We live in domes now. They protect us. And we wait. We wait to live, wait to die.Wait for a change. But mostly, we just wait for an absolution. 

He saw her from the corner of his eye, and instinctively got up. His recklessness caused the little heap of metal on which he was sitting on to topple over. It might have been an air-vehicle once, perhaps a domestic robot. Now it was just a heap of old, rusted metal, gathering dust.
'Sorry I'm late. I was in the lab. Working', she said.
'You still keep track of time. How do you even know the difference. Its always yellow anyways.' he replied, while coughing.
'Shut up. How's the asthma?'
'Same as everyone else's.'
'Adjust the speaker on your mask. It all sounds garbled. '
He started tinkering with the controls on the side of the mask. Loud static filled the air.
'Ouch! What are you doing?' she yelled.
'Sorry, my Breather is a little fucked up. Thought about buying a new one, but I have few Credits, and its either a new Breather, or decent food,' he said smiling.
'I thought you were trying to find a job?'
'I tried. Apparently when all efforts are being put in the terraforming of a new planet, there's very little use for a writer. I'm thinking about taking up cleaning work at ISRO again.'
'You do know the substances we work with right. It could kill you.'
'My asthma is gonna fucking kill me anyways. Its just a matter of time.'
'Stop talking like that! They are in the advanced stages. It's gonna happen soon. I know it.'
'Haa! How would you know? You're working on how to grow frickin potatoes on the new world.'
'I'm working on vegetation. Stop acting this way.'
The roof of the dome suddenly started turning pale. Drops started pouring from the semi-permeable membrane of the dome. They reached the ground and slowly started burning through the ice.
'We should go inside. The canopy in this part of town is down,' she said.
'Yeah lets go to my place.'

They reached the bottom of the stairs. 'Jenny, turn the lights on,' he shouted.
'Jenny, shut the fuck up and turn on all systems, otherwise I promise, I'm replacing you,' he roared angrily.
Nevertheless, the computer turned the lights on.
'I'm really sorry. Stupid, worthless piece of shit,' he said to her.
'It's okay. The older the AI, the crankier it is,' she said and smiled.
'Wanna help me reboot the OS next week?'
'I know, that's why I said it loudly, idiot.'
She took her hand and placed it on his mouth. 'Ssh. It's just a computer. Let's listen to some music?'
He went to the control panel and touched the screen. The room was filled with a soft tones. She took his hands and put them on her waist. She put her own around his neck, and they moved gently. He leaned in for the embrace and held her tight.
'Tell me honestly,' he said in a nervous voice. 'What are our chances on getting on that shuttle? What are you're chances of getting out?'
He felt her cheeks slightly moist. Quivering, she replied 'I don't know. My boss and his family are all getting tickets. I'm not sure about me. I know they're going to hold a lottery, but its a lottery after all....I don't know what's gonna happen.' She started sobbing.
'Sshh. We'll make it. Don't worry okay. Let's just dance for now.'
'I love you.'
'I know. But I'm just dancing with you because you might get tickets.'
'Haha, jerk! I hope you burn in hell,' she laughed.

The music stopped. But they didn't let go.

PS: (So this is basically the follow up to the story written a long time ago. I actually love sci-fi, with human characters, and I'm a sucker for post apocalyptic stories. Also, please tell me if you'd like to read more stories set in this world. Cheers. 

3000 AD

(This is a short story I had written for an English paper about 3 and a half years ago. Today all of a sudden I felt like exploring the world I'd created once more and decided to write another story, a prequel of sorts. So before writing that story, here's the original :)

I could see the atmosphere affecting the plastic body of the shuttle. I ascended towards space, leaving the 'dome' and the planet behind. Safely above the acidic atmosphere, I looked back on the planet I once used to call home. Earth, they used to call it. I had studied when I was young, that Earth was once blue, the air was once clean. Difficult to imagine that, seeing that the planet I was looking at now was red with craters and 'domes'. The domes were large, semi-circular structures where people could live without being affected by the atmosphere. Suddenly my monitor burst into life.

"All space crew outside. poceed for take-off ",said the Captain."Yes sir", I responded. "Alert . All ground crew prepare for evacuation,"I spoke into the transmitter. "Take off on my command. Fly to a distance of hundred kilometres outside the atmosphere and then go to the new facility through anti-space. Over and out." The monitor was showing me live transmission of the activities on 'Core Earth', ( that was the new name of this ravaged planet). People were pushing each other to get into the space shuttles, while the ground crew to get into the space shuttles, while the ground crew were struggling to maintain order. The Earth was about to crumble but we still had not lost our primeval behaviour.
I saw the 'Shudras' huddled in a corner, silent, aware of their g=future. The Shudras were the poor souls who had been affected by the air that was filled with poisonous gases and diseases. A majority vote by the countries in the UN, ordered the Shudras to stay on Core Earth even as it was being destroyed. They need not have bothered. Most Shudras would have agreed to stay and die, rather than continue the miserable life they were leading even on a new planet. In another dome i saw the Capatalists makiing their way towards their private shuttles. Class distinction had always been a part of humanity and sadly would always remain so.

The first shuttle took off from the Indian dome simultaneously as six other shuttles rose from their respective countries. Suddenly the first American shuttle burst into flames. "The idiot punched hype-burn too early, killed fifty-thousand people in one stroke", Henry muttered into the transmitter. I smirked and said,"That's fifty-thousand and one less American idots polluting the new planet. "Thats true",replied Henry."Shit, gotta get back to commanding the French shuttle" and the transmission ended. All the other shuttles went into anti-spac without any incident.
" Last seven shuttles taking off,"muttered the Captain,"Begin the clean-up process as soon as they proceed into anti-space. Then leave for anti-space. Good luck". I saw the final shuttles above Core-Earth and then they disappeared into anti-space. "Prepare to trigger the lasers in!" I ordered. At once seven green lights descended towards the planet. Silence......Then the planet disintegrated, leaving a huge patch of empty, black space. "Good work boys, meet you on yhe new facility,"I punched hyper-burn and at once I was wading through the white tunnel of anti-space.
I came out at about two thousand kilometres away from a small, blue planet. There were white clouds surrounding it and brown land amidst the blue. It was the most spectacular sight I had ever see. I descended towards this new planet. As I entered it's atmosphere my monitor showed me that it contained 32% Oxygen, 76% Nitrogen & 2% othere gases :-air.
I landed on a clean green patch of ground. I jumped out of my shuttle and breathed in the fresh, natural air. I looked around and there she stood, Mother Eart amidst her lush green forests, fresh and unpolluted air, clear running streams---triumphant, rejuvenated and happy with the fresh lease of life.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The day I was born

Okay, so I officially turned 20 about 3 hours ago. Crap. I'm so old. Buddah! Fuck. I know 20 isn't that old, but seriously its just easier being a kid. The crazy me is gonna start sobering down (I hope not). So I'll let you in on a little secret, I share a bitter-sweet relation with birthdays. Sweet because I love it when everyone wishes me and stuff, bitter cause somehow its always a little underwhelming. Maybe I expect too much. Shut up, I know its retarded. Its my birthday okay, let me whine! So anyways, I'm partially drunk, can't find a single smoke, and have plans to party hard this weekend. And I have a drunk birthday wishlist. There's no chance in hell even one of these is gonna happen, but hey, I can hope right?

1) I wanna be a part of a flash mob (honestly it seems like so much fun)

2) Someone should write my memo for the moot (its a pain in the ass, and honestly speaking I'm lost...the troubles a person in law school faces :P )

3) Trip to New York (stay with friends at NYU...and strip clubs!)

4) I want a projector (watch movies all day long on my wall..common, you know you want one as well)

5) Skydiving! (it seemed amazing in zindagi na milegi dobara)

6) All my non-college friends from around the world to be in Kolkata (I can be nostalgic right?)

7) I want the girl who I'm in love with to like me back (don't laugh, you knew this one was coming) 

Cheers :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Best Films Ever (in my opinion)

You probably know I'm a huge movie nerd. I live movies, eat movies, and I never sleep during movies. And I've seen a lot of films. Like seriously a lot! So this is, in my opinion, the greatest films ever made. These aren't here simply because they are my favorite films (that's not to say they aren't), but because they are more than just films. They're works of art. As with any list, this may or may not be permanent, and is subject to change over time. So presenting to you, the greatest movies as on 30th August 2011.

10) 2001: A Space Odyssey

9) Citizen Kane

8) The Godfather

7) Pulp Fiction

6) To Kill a Mockingbird

5) Raging Bull

4) Casablanca

3) Star Wars

2) The Shawshank Redemption

1) Schindler's List

PS: I know I haven't written in weeks. College is being a bitch! I'll try to write more regularly :P

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Callous Activity

I didn't want to do this. But a society in college wants to fill up its damn notice board, and its cover story is the Bombay blasts, along with other garbage on the sides. So instead of letting someone who has no relation to my city in anyway find some random article online and put it up, I'm writing the op-ed. This won't be a pleasant read, it might be insulting and so if you do want to curse me, feel free to do so.
So this is just another one in the blitzkrieg of headlines, articles, editorials, television comments and other such nonsense. After every blast, one of the most annoying things is the media assault which follows. No Barkha Dutt, you do not know my city, you do not care about my city and frankly speaking you should keep your moth shut. That and the 'spirit of Bombay' cliche which everyone keeps using.

What is this spirit of Bombay? People say its our resilience, our ability to show up the next day at work after a blast, our ability to crowd Dadar station after a blast happened not more than 5 minutes away. Honestly speaking, no one other than a Mumbaikar would have it, because no one else has ever faced this kind of trauma, over and over again. Our 'spirit' is in fact a tribute to the fact that we've given up.

Its true, we've given up. Lost our hope in the government, given up on the system. Just like monsoon flooding, crumbling infrastructure, lack of space, crowded trains, terrorist attacks too have become a part of the everyday problems that Mumbaikars face. But I think we gave up hope long before 13th July became another date in our blast calender. We gave up hope in the Maharashtra state government and the center when we realised it was thoroughly inept. The Maharashtra governments only news worthy achievement in recent history has been increasing the drinking age to 25. Wow! I salute my MLAs. So when they focus their amoeba-sized brains on preventing 'alcoholism', caring who smokes in cabs, and all political parties attempt to seem like the biggest champions of Marathi culture and Marathi pride, its doesn't come as a big surprise when three blasts take place in the city. If anyone is wondering where the police was, our pot-bellied and lathi wielding 'Pandus' were probably busy busting some night club trying to curb 'obscenity', because obviously arresting 20 year olds is easy as compared to even finding who caused the blasts. I'm actually surprised there weren't more blasts. It seems so terribly simple.

But Bombay still is, and will remain the greatest city in the world. No city is made great by its government, or its infrastructure. People, are what make a city what it is. And Bombay does in fact have amazing people. If 'spirit' does exist its not that Mumbaikars go back to work immediately. In a fast paced city, where time literally equals money, we don't have a choice but to go back to work. No the spirit of Bombay lies in its humanity. It lies in the fact that ordinary people, do their best to help each other out. So people can continue writing op-eds, Rahul Gandhi can continue to say garbage on national television, the government can continue to be callous and inept, because my city will continue to rise, flourish and prosper due to its people. And fortunately or unfortunately, in the case of Bombay, that's all what the city needs.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I made a Lamp

So when you're in a hostel room with only a tube-light as your primary source of lighting you tend to look for alternate sources. Hence, in addition to buying a lamp, I decided to make one myself.

Its mainly for drinking purposes, and mood lighting. Or something like that. In case you're wondering what it is, its a bunch of diwali lights stuffed into a Sula white wine bottle. I actually made a similar one in a Kingfisher bottle but the electrical shop guy sold me cheap lights which burnt through the wires, causing my friend to run for his life. Bastards. Sometimes I really hate bong shop keepers. And my friend, well, what if my room had burned down? B*******.

Regarding the lamp, no I'm not gay. What's wrong with a little creativity?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Decade of Magic

My friends have left, moved on. I met them when I was nine years old, and instantly fell in love with them. And after 10 amazing years, they've finally gone. At least, thats what I felt when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was over. I'm in no position to write a review about the film. If I look objectively at the film, it still is magnificent. Nothing short of cinematic brilliant, on par with the likes of Return of the King. But personally this film means so much more to me. Out of all the things that I may have forgotten from my childhood, watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone still is a vivid memory. I was (and still am) a Harry Potter nerd, and see all what I had imagined while reading the book come on screen was simply magical. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, all the characters, Hogwarts, classes..and Quidditich, always Quidditich. Also I fell in love with Emma Watson. Common, you know you did too.

And I kept seeing them again, and again over the course of time. Growing up, facing challenges while I too was growing up at the same time. And yesterday, when a decades worth of stories finally culminated in one film, it was overwhelming. To tell you the truth, it could not have been more perfect. Everything about the film was brilliant. From the stunning set pieces, to the acting, the special effects, the musical score, and above all else, the heart wrenching scenes. Seeing the movie, was one emotional blow after another. I don't cry in movies. The closest I've come to crying has been while watching Schindler's List and Toy Story 3. But watching Snape's flashback was heart-breaking. And then the scene with the Resurrection stone just added to the emotional torture.

By the time the movie ended, I was a mess. Literally. Thank god for 3D glasses. And I'll tell you why. For me, Harry Potter wasn't just about the universally loved books and movies. It was probably the biggest part about my childhood. I grew up with them, through ups and downs. And growing up, I didn't have a whole lot of friends. But I had my books. And I had the magical films. And sometimes that was just about enough. So it wasn't just the film ending. It was also my childhood. Growing up isn't easy, you always need something to hold on to. 'Of course it's all happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it's not real.'

But true art stays forever. So just like the books, the films too will do the same. And it isn't always about the journey or the conclusion, sometimes its more about the memories.
But in the meanwhile, say it with me. Go on.

'Not my daughter, you bitch'


Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Week that was

F*** what a week! So I maybe partially drunk, and smoked a lot, so excuse any grammatical errors. Anyways, I got back to college on Monday, paid the sweeper a hundred bucks and he cleaned every little corner of the room (Hundred bucks well spent. I'd tell you about the spiders and baby lizard who were staying rent free, but thats more gross than amusing). Now hostel rooms are frickin tiny, but I tried pimping out my room in the best way possible. Put up the Star Wars and Pulp Fiction posters, lined the shelves with books and set up the speaker. I also drew stuff on the wall, and now I'm in a dilemma whether to finish them, or just paint the damn wall. Oh and the walls don't have any paint, its just choona. So every time you sit with your head resting on the wall, you get grey hair. Yes, the shortcomings of an Indian college. (The photo doesn't do justice to the room, in case you're wondering)

There are a whole new bunch of juniors, and frankly speaking they're dull as hell. Like seriously, I thought of ragging, but its no fun when you ask them to tell you something interesting and they tell you they like watching television. And no pretty women! None whatsoever. And being in the third year, I have lesser class hours as well. What am I supposed to do in my free time?! :P

And bloggers got a facelift, like the rest of google. It's quite cool actually. Btw, does anyone have a Google+ (or Google plus, I don't know what to call it) account. I'm dying for an invite! It seems so much better than facebook.
Whats been up with you guys? Oh, and thanks for all the wishes. It really means a lot that you guys read what I write.

PS: Dipti, thanks for going back to using frozenvignettes as your blogger id. You may wanna think about making that one permanent (at least for a year :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thanks a Lot!

In January of this year, I started blogging. Not only because I was super impressed with my friend Niyati's blog (its pretty great, check it out, but the whole idea about writing my thoughts down, and sharing them with other people seemed like a good one. But I didn't really have too many expectations, and for sometime I was just blogging for myself. But slowly, I started getting followers, who commented, whose blogs I started following. And frankly speaking, I love it! I love other blogs and bloggers. Very few people get published, but I think some of the most talented writers can be found in this community.

And now I don't have to blog just for myself, because I have certain readers. I know 10 isn't something to be arrogant about, but I'm not going for quantity here, its all about the quantity. And you guys ROCK! You guys always have something interesting to say, and I love reading your comments. And more importantly, I love reading your blogs.

Okay enough emo stuff, I'm super happy right now! Because Meghana at Mistakes and Miracles ( has given me first award!! (wooooo!! yes, yes, yes *does a little jig*)

Thank you so much Meghana. You're awesome!!
And thanks to all you guys, for reading my stupid rants, for commenting and for simply being great bloggers!

Anyways the rules of the award are as follows:
  • Thank and link back to the person who sent you the award.
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Spread the love and honor. Award recently discovered bloggers.
  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

So once again, thanks a lot a Meghana.

Hmm, seven things:
1) I'm blogging in the middle of the night and loving it.
2)Law school can be a bitch, but I love it.
3) Italian and Punjabi are my favourite cuisines.
4) I have a non-existent love life but I really don't care right now.
5) I can dance only when drunk.
6) I think The Secret is a terrible book.
7) Ever since I got the award my facial expression has been like this:
And I'm gonna spread the love and honor very soon, I just need to pack first. I head back to college in a days time.



Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's going on right now

1) I just started watching Dexter. Just finished with season one, but its awesome!

2) I was once again able to find the new blog of a fellow blogger, which I enjoy reading. You've already changed your blog thrice this year, and if you're reading this, this is a request to not change it again.

3) I got new bluetooth speakers, Creative D100. I know its early, but I think this is love at first sight.

4) My internship ends tomorrow, and I head back to college in a weeks time. I actually liked my internship, going to Court and everything. I might be cut out to be a lawyer after all. Plus it always helps, when there's a young, pretty lawyer in your office.

5) The Feedjit bar on my blog tells me that my two posts, 'Random thoughts about lack of girlfriend at 11PM' and 'The Friend Zone' are the most widely read. Turns out that people surfing the World Wide Web do enjoy reading about my issues with women (or lack of). I'll try and write more about the same, but I'm going through a nonchalant, 'I don't give a rats ass'-type phase. Its kinda nice. Don't worry though, I'll go back to my depressive, self-deprecating ways, soon enough.

PS: If you do enjoy reading about my miseries, it wouldn't hurt to comment. I would like to read your advice/opinion.

Beer and Bombay

Okay so you might have heard that the Maharashtra government has increased the drinking age in the state to 25 (Yo jackasses, stop f***ing around and do something useful for a change). And while that does piss me off, I'm not gonna go all 'if we can vote at 18, marry at 21..blah..blah', every celeb has already said that in Bombay Times, and they tend not to take my view on such things. So I'm gonna focus on happier things and tell you that I decided to stage a non-violent protest, a satyagraha if you will, by drinking everyday after work for an entire week. Drinking aside, Gandhi would be so proud :D
Accha, anyways, so here's a list of places I visited that week. All of them are in South Bombay, mainly around Fort and Colaba. If you are from Bombay, you'll probably already know these places, and in case you aren't from Bombay, or haven't been to any of these places, they're definitely worth a visit. I've listed the prices of beer, and the quality of the food at each place, in case your interested. Also, I haven't included Leopolds since in everyone knows about it, and in my opinion its more hype than anything else.

1) Cafe Universal

So this is like a nicer version of Leos. Like most old cafes in Bombay, this too is an Irani cafe. It looks like an old-British pub (obviously, its close to 90 years old), but its still got a distinct Irani touch. This is cheery cafe, where you don't really go to get drunk, rather just to hang out. Beer is slightly expensive at Rs. 450 bucks for a pitcher, but be smart and order the the 3 litre pitcher for Rs. 750. These are served in tall cylindrical tubes, with an ice filled central core, and taps at the bottom to serve yourself. The food here is absolutely amazing. If you like beef, you should definitely try the burgers and the Hamburger Steak with Cheese sizzler (yes I'm a blasphemous Jain). Why I like this place more than Leos, is because its a lot less dingy, its got much better food and the staff is friendly.

2) Military Cafe

This is by far the shadiest of the lot (yes, shadier than Gokul). But if you're into old world charm, its all there, and apparently the owner thinks the same because he hasn't bothered renovating since its inception which was around a century ago. But on the brighter side, this place is dirt cheap, and you get fantastic food. The Keema Pav is heavenly, and the beer is sold at barely 20-30 bucks above cost price. Plus you can get a bottle of London Pilsner for just 100 bucks.

3) Gokul
Aah, the quintessential, shady, popular, crowded bar which every city has. This is where you go, essentially, to get sloshed. Its got very reasonably priced booze. At first look, it does seem like a 100% male kingdom, but there are enough women upstairs, in the A/C section. Plus, most people appreciate the fact that you can smoke inside. Its dingy as hell, but its part of the charm, or so I'm told. Foodwise? I have no idea, because Bade Miya is right across the road, and why would you eat at Gokul when you get amazing kebabs and roomali roti a couple seconds away. But if you're in Bombay, you'll definitely hear about Gokul. Its the one place where everyone goes.

4) Alps Beer Bar

This is my current favourite place. Its a 2 minute walk from Gokul, and a lot nicer. Like Universals and Military Cafe, its open, but the ambiance is nice. Posters of classic rock bands cover the walls, and usually classic rock is played in the restaurant too. Like its name suggests, you get only beer, and a 1.5l pitcher is available for Rs. 360. Pretty reasonable if you ask me. Its got good fish & chips, and the sizzlers are well made too. Like Leos, and Universals to a slightly lesser extent, this is a back-packing tourist as well. So you can go in expecting a cute European chick.

So these are the places I frequented for an entire week. If you want to explore further, there's always Leos, and Mondegar is pretty great. But honestly, I'd take Universals or Alps over these two any day.

PS: No I'm not an alcoholic. I drank on principle. And because college friends were interning in the same area. If you're looking to keep blood alcohol levels low, its not a good idea to meet them after work everyday.

PPS: I know I've been writing infrequently in recent times, but the internship has kept me pretty busy. It ends tomorrow, so I promise to write more often.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Strange Encounters

I'm in the mood for one another one of my rants, though this time it is slightly more on the philosophical side of things. So if you do continue reading, don't expect cheap comedy. Anyways, I'm coming back from work this evening, sitting in A/C Bus, opposite a pretty good looking chick (4 seats in the new A/C buses face each other).And, like always, irrespective of whom you are sitting next to in a bus, you hardly ever strike up a conversation, and this was no different. So the bus journey continues, and at some point of time this Bong chick, must be roughly around 23-24 years old, sits next to the good looking chick. She begins to talk on her phone to someone, loudly enough for the two of us to hear. It was this really retarded thing about how she managed to get a job in some company blah blah blah, how she would keep her personal life separate from her professional life blah blah. Believe me, it was really funny. And the good looking chick looks at me, and the two of us just burst out laughing. She got off sat the next stop, but this entire incident got me thinking. What would have happened if we got to talking? Would we end up knowing each other, become friends? Would life be slightly different a few months down the line? And this got me to thinking an even deeper question: What determines the people, mainly the friends in our lives?

Its quite perplexing actually. I've got another example, another story to tell. Around two and a half years ago, I went for this really mediocre MUN. I ended up chatting with this one girl who was the delegate of France. After the conference, I forgot all about her and continued my normal, everyday life. Now, exactly two years ago, when I'd gone to give the CLAT (entrance test for the National Law schools), I met her. Turns out we had a few common friends. So we began talking, she got into NLS, i got into NUJS, but we are pretty good friends today. It seemed highly unlikely at the time of the MUN, that a couple of years down the line, we would actually be good friends. There could be a thousand ways in which we might not even have met, yet somehow we are friends. And this is not one stand alone incident, just one of many. Hypothetically, if I had got into NALSAR, just by getting roughly 5 marks more, my life might have been completely different. I would have a completely different set of college friends.

I'm no longer in touch with any of my 10th grade group of friends, yet in touch with most of my closest friends even if they are continents apart. And some of these are people I never thought I'd be friends with. What makes your closest friends at one point of time, your really hated acquaintance and the person you might really detest, a really close friend? And this is not restricted to friends. Think about the person you might be dating. Could you always imagine that the two of you might be dating? Ive seen the people who are completely incompatible with the other person, date for long periods of time. A girl who otherwise might not even have looked at the guy twice, and vice-versa. What determines all of this? You might call it your own decision. I even makes sense, that its always upto you as to whom do you want in life. But theres a good chance that the closest people in your life might not have entered in your life at all. And what controlled that. The first time you randomly spoke to some person, and somewhere, some connection struck. That wasn't your decision. Like I said, it was completely random. But what changed?

I'm an atheist. I don't believe in God. I don't even believe in destiny. But all this does make me wonder. Its seems to far fetched to be the work of God. But yet at the same time, it seems too strange to simply term it as chance. Maybe its both. Or maybe I'm just bored.
What do you think?

PS: I realise that the picture above has absolutely no relation to the post, but when I googled 'strange encounters' this was one of the first pictures to turn up. FAIL!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Corruption, a Baba and idiots in the Government

I don't like Baba Ramdev. There, I said it. You like him? In all due offence, you're an idiot. Of course I support the cause against corruption. Anna Hazare and Shanti Bhushan did a great job, and I really hope a strong Lokpal Bill is passed. That being said, Baba Ramdev's campaign, if you can call it that, was for a lot more than just IMMEDIATELY bringing back black money from abroad. I really doubt Ramdev know's what the word immediately means. Anyways, his campaign had other demands. For starters, he wants the government to stop the printing of currency notes of denominations 500 and 1000, as this will aid in preventing corruption (umm how?). Also he wants death penalty for all who are corrupt. Say what you will, but that's just mean. Apart from these demands, his list also goes on to include the removal of all English practices in taxation, governance, etc and switch to 'Swadeshi' (whatever that means), and of course the age-old, stop using the English language and use Indian languages as the medium of education. These are just demands from his current campaign. Previously he has claimed that his yoga has powers which cure Cancer and AIDS, homosexuality is adoption of Western culture, and homosexuals are sick people who should be sent to the hospital for treatment. All this should tell you how seriously I take Baba Ramdev. But what happened last night wasn't just wrong, but also idiotic.

How the Government should have actually behaved? Well, the fast(or protest or whatever that was) should have continued. It would have fizzled out in a day or so because I really think people like their 500 Rupee notes. The Government's actual response was to send out top Ministers, wagging their tails in front of Baba Ramdev thinking he represented the popular voice of the people. If he seriously represents all Indians, I'm giving up my Indian citizenship. Anyways, when Ramdev didn't listen, they decided to send in the Police, lathi charge the hell out of Baba Ramdev and his followers and arrest them. Till yesterday, it was my dearest ambition to force him to learn English, and make him write 'I support gay rights' like a gazillion times (perhaps kick him once or twice). But today, seeing him a broken man on television, I almost felt bad for him.

The point is, no matter how idiotic a person is, as long he is not breaking any law or is a threat to public life and safety he should be allowed to stage a protest. That is the very crux of our democracy. A person has every right to speak and act freely, its our Constitutional guarantee. The response of the government is simply put, unacceptable and frankly speaking idiot. By doing so, not only have the jeopardized their own position, but also turned a two grade hack into a hero. The saddest part is that the actual cause, the anti-corruption cry is lost in a din of political drama. And with the BJP and other political parties jumping in on the bandwagon, Satyagraha has lost its meaning.

PS: Kabil Sibal and Chidambaram, I know you guys are ace lawyers, but what the hell is wrong with you?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Old times

I met my school friends today. My best friend had finally come back to Bombay, another friend, who's now a Bangalore resident is in town as well. And two other school friends. We all live and study in different studies, meet every six months or so. As we grow older, we'll get busier, we'll meet less. But I realised something. Whenever we meet, nothing ever changes.

At the end of class 12 we were all dating different people, had similar lives, similar routines, all common friends. In that sense everything has changed. Girlfriends (or lack of), different friends, different lives, different cities, different issues. But whenever we meet, its like every things the same. The same jokes, the same attitudes, the same conversations. Its as if we are hanging out after school again, nothing to worry about, except perhaps accounts homework due to the next day.

High school was a long time ago, but somehow it seems like yesterday. Yeah, lives have changed 360 degrees, but we are the same people. Am I scared about the future? About life, about friends, about a career. Of course I am. It freaks the hell out of me. But I know that when I get a job, when I get married, when I'm all grown up, I'll still be the same person. And so will my friends. Hey, maybe growing up isn't that bad :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to business

Aah, what a week! So my week long vacation is finally over, and another internship starts tomorrow. Anyways, I had gone to Kabini, a place in Karnataka, where two national parks are located. I stayed at the Orange County Resort, which for the record was fantabulous! Amazing view (its bang on the river), mouth-watering food, and wait for it...pool villa! Thats right, I had a pool in my backyard! These are some of the photos I took from my phone.

The sunset view from the reading lounge:

The Resort Pool. Yeah, thats the river in the background

And that's the villa I stayed in

They also had these Boat and Jeep safaris which take you into the national park. I managed to capture some insane photos of elephant on my camera (which I'll try and upload later). Although I wish we could have managed to spot a tiger or a leopard. The people who went for the jeep safari the next day spotted a leopard :P

After Kabini my parents and sister went home, while I chilled in Bangalore at a friends place. Okay so Bangalore isn't the booze capital of India. But it most definitely the beer capital of India. I had so much beer there. In the span of one day, I think three pitchers were consumed. No I'm not an alcoholic, but beer was literally a substitute for water. And most places served only beer, no other alcohol. That too Fosters draught! If you do go there, visit the legendary Pecos. Its got awesome food and cheap beer. Although there's cheap beer all over Bangalore. And 'happy hour' is of no significance when most places have happy hours from 10AM to 6Pm and the slightly shadier ones have it from 10AM to 10PM.

Of course Bangalore isn't all safe, there's a stupid 11:30 curfew, barely any clubs because of the 11:30 curfew, and some serious language issues if you aren't a south Indian (which I'm not). So I wouldn't ever move out of Bombay (we don't get out partying before 11), but if you're looking for a pub crawl, Bengaluru is definitely your place.

Oh and this is what was on the toilet walls of this pub called Toit.

'Empty Walls
perfect to make out on
(this loo's door locks
from the inside too)'

Monday, May 23, 2011

Going on vacation for a week. First going to a place called Kabini with parents, then staying at friends place in Bangalore. I'm so getting hammered. I'm finally gonna be in a position to judge whether Bengaluru (don't you just hate it when they change names? Seriously, Bombay is better than Mumbai, and god knows what the hell Puducherry is) is truly the booze capital of the country. Of course once I come back another unpaid internship awaits me. Next year can't get here fast enough, what with the whole big law firm internships who actually pay interns.

I've also decided that since I'm now in my third year at law school, I'm not gonna rag the new bunch of juniors. I'll just make them clean my room instead :D

Hope you guys are enjoying the summer , despite the heat.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Aah, the blog defining post on Alcohol. Now if you're one of those traditional Indians, who scorn at us with our alcohol guzzling ways, with the whole 'whats the current generation coming to', raised eyebrows and utter contempt, well you can f*** off. This post is not meant for you, heck blogging might not be meant for you. On the other hand, if you're in your early twenties, when beer is like coffee, welcome to my world. But first, lets get some things straight. Alcohol doesn't help you in anyway and too much of it will kill you.
Stop calling me blasphemous, that's an advisory for the kids.

On the other hand, alcohol is suitable for all occasions. When you're on top of the world, alcohol adds to the fun. When you're depressed, it shares your sorrow. Me, I was more of a beer person, now I'm more inclined to whiskey. I can't afford Scotch on a college-student budget :P

Okay list time, so here's the advantages of alcohol:
- (once again) suitable for all occasions
- beer goggles (helps you when the hot girl whom you'd never have a shot with when she's sober)
- you dance at the club!
- more importantly, you don't feel like an idiot whilst dancing
- someone hates you, buy him a beer and all of a sudden you're the best of friends.
- lowered inhibitions dude!
- its never awkward to have a heart to heart
- you can ask someone out, then blame it on being drunk and needy
- simply a good time

Hold on, its got its disadvantages
- you tend to make a fool of yourself
- beer goggles (helps the ugly girl who'd never have a shot with you)
- your in trouble if the hot girl has a boyfriend
- beer belly (its the worst!)
- lowered inhibitions :P

Warning: Do not drink and drive.....unless she's hot and you're in a hurry.



Does anyone truly know you? Most of us, we live different lives, with different people. Our behavior with parents is different from our behavior with friends. Our behavior with one friend is different from another. We get to chose whom we let into our weird little worlds, and how much of it we reveal to another person. But in all of it, do we ever reveal everything about ourselves to anyone?

Everyone knows me as the joker, or the guy who makes bad jokes. If my life was a sitcom, I'd definitely be Chandler from seasons 1-4. I guess almost everyone even thinks I have a false sense of pride, and the belief that I'm better than most. Some, know that its put on, I do it simply for fun. Lesser people know that I'm genuine, or at least I hope that a handful know I'm genuine. Almost nice. And I think certain individuals know that I'm not exactly the fun-loving, not giving a crap about the world, takes life with a pinch of salt person I pretend or try to be. I don't usually tell people about the time when I used to be depressed, its not exactly the normal dinner or movie conversation you have with friends.

But thats the thing isn't it? How can people ever know you, inside out? We put on our masks, play our roles, and let the world see the play. I guess I know what 'All the world's a stage' means. We get type-cast, and see each other in the same way. The jock, the popular, the cool, the friendly, the slut, the bitch, the joker, the smart, the geek. But ever so often, there's a person, or persons, whom we reveal ourselves to, who reveal themselves. And hopefully that lasts, because that is in fact, all you need.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I know this isn't really twitter, but I just saw the sixth season finale of HIMYM and it is frickin awesome! No he doesn't meet the mother, but in the penultimate moments of episode, for the first time you don't care about the mother. *SPOILER ALERT* Who would have thought Barney gets married before Ted?!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Walk Up the Hill

It was a long walk, but they had done it several times before. Not in the recent past, come to think of it, they hadn't come to this place in years. But today was different. Some might say it was special, but all he knew was that it was unlike any other day he had lived through.
They reached the top of the hill and started walking towards the edge. The sky was devoid of clouds, the river below was peaceful, and a gentle breeze was blowing. They sat down on the grass, and he spoke. 'Its been fifteen years since we got married. Happy Anniversary.'

He was used to talking a lot. Heck, people paid him to talk. But on this occasion he was lost for words. But he decided to go for it anyways. 'We haven't been here in a long time. Remember when you first got me here? I never told you, but I was scared out of my wits. I didn't want you to think I was a wuss, especially on our first date. And I thought you brought all guys here. But you told me I was the first.' He started thinking about the past. It started out as a fling in high school, but they got admission into the same college, and that was it. But it wasn't all a fairy-tale, 'Was it? We fought so much after marriage. We had to go for marriage counselling. And I thought you might be into someone else. I'm so sorry. My life wasn't working out the way I wanted it to, and I took it out on you. But you knew me too well. I remember the day you fired the marriage counselor, walked right up to me and said that my problems are your problems as well, and we could figure them out together. And we did Ellie, didn't we?'
As if the place had been booked especially for them, there was no on else for miles. One could hear the birds chirping, and if you listened really hard you could even hear sound the leaves made, blowing in the breeze. And when he started playing the song, Bonos voice and U2s music filled the air. He smiled, 'With or without you. The song we first danced to. You know what, I still have no idea what the damn song means. But we were both drunk at the first college party, and the idiot of a DJ started playing it. And that was it.' He knew it was time to tell her, tell her what he hadn't told her for all these years. 'You know how I told you I always wanted to do business studies, and thats why I applied to college. I lied. It was never about what the college could teach me, and it never was a fling. I knew it the first time I looked at you, the first time you smiled and I knew it the first time I spoke to you. My best friend called me an idiot, but he hadn't fallen in love with you on first sight. Do I regret not doing something I love, to pursue a girl I barely even knew? I hate the fact that I couldn't be a writer, I hate it when we fought, when we almost got divorced. But there wasn't a single day of marriage that I ever regretted following you. Being with you was the best decision I ever made. '
He realised his eyes were wet, and he knew that it was time. He opened the urn which he was carrying, and held it in the direction of the wind. The ashes started flying away and just like that his wife was gone. 'I love you Ellie. Thank you for...thank you for everything'.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New layout

I was getting bored of the same old view, same old description and all. So I decided to change everything. I think I'm gonna make this a regular thing, change how the blog looks every couple of months or so. Common, whats a life without a little spice? Or maybe it could be like a mood thing. The changes would reflect my mood. Or maybe I should leave the pmsing to women?


I''m just gonna say, tattoos are cool! Okay my opinion is definitely biased since I have one, but I thought they were cool for years before I actually decided to get one. Yes, I do know its ink applied to your skin with needles and it stays forever. And for some reason older people really freak out when someone they know gets a tattoo. Yes, there is a lot of negativity associated with tattoos. But hey, I got one, and all my friends said they liked it.

Look at it this way, tattoos are something which are really personal in nature. Its a form of expression of self. At least I interpret it that way. The way you dress, your hair-style, the way you talk, all say something about you. So does your tattoo. And contrary to popular belief, it doesn't hurt that much, at least it didn't hurt me that much. Besides, no matter what anyone says, its definitely hot! Plus, these days its not really looked down upon. Old people still have an issue, but I guess the current generation (or whatever the hell newspapers call us these days) actually doesn't really look down upon it.

I'm not saying you have to get a tattoo. Its just that its a personal choice, and the right tattoo definitely says a lot about you. And if you're one of those conformists who thinks that tattoos are only for hippies, rapists and murderers, you could not be more wrong. No, I don't care God says about tattoos, but I'm pretty sure he couldn't be bothered about them. (This article is hilarious by the way:

So anyways, if you do decide to get a tattoo someday, heres some things you should keep in mind:
-Your tattoo is gonna last you for life. So before getting one think about whether you really want one and what design do you want. You don't wanna be 60 years old with this on your shoulder:

- There will always be someone out there who frowns, best get it at a place which can be covered and shown at will. Shoulder and the back is a good idea. Your face is not.
-No matter how hot it looks like in movies, DO NOT GET A TRAMP STAMP
-Do not be clich├ęd when it comes to tattoos. So no tribal tattoos, no dragons, no scorpions, no hearts and stars, no football team logos.
-Make it something personal. Maybe some great words in some other language, maybe some pattern which you think says a lot about you, maybe something which symbolizes what you do.
-Your parents, siblings' names are tattoo-worthy. Your boyfriend's/girlfriend's is not.
-Make sure that the place you get it from is safe, and clean, that your tattoo artist has sterilized his equipment, is using fresh disposable gloves and most importantly opens the pack of needles in front of you. As awesome as tattoos are, getting diseases is not worth it.

Oh and here's mine, tell me what you think:

PS: I saw Thor last week. Its awesome! (I might write a review soon)