Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why we love Shah Rukh Khan

Yes, I saw Ra.One. Yes, I know it's crap. Yes, there might be some of you out there saying 'No I don't!', and well you're allowed your opinion, but let me put it to you this way. Shah Rukh Khan's movies have been making insane amounts of money before anyone knew so much money could be made out of movies. And he's been making movies for a long time now. So I'm guessing quite a few people like him (especially NRIs and Germans. No idea what's up with that). 
But to think of it, SRK is an oddity. He's not the most good looking actor. He's not the best actor either. He can dance, but isn't the best. He does't have the most diverse roles. And despite a lot of claims, he isn't larger than life like say, Rajinikanth or even Salman Khan. He doesn't appeal to masses like Salman Khan (making lots of money doing the same thing in terrible movies), or the classes like Aamir Khan. 
So yes, SRK is an oddity. On top of that, he's played ultra-romantic characters for most of his life.
But say what you want about him, you can't deny that he's been super successful. So what is it?

You know what, SRK acts in a lot of commercial films, always playing the same old character. But every once in a while he plays a role completely different than what he's done before. I think it comes at a gap of every two years. Think about it. Swades, as the NRI who has life-altering journey. Chak De India, as the strict, but awe-inspiring coach. Even My Name is Khan. Does he impress? For the most part. 

But I have a different take on why we love him. It's also why many of his crap movies work. Just him. It's hard to not like him. Be it his onscreen avatar, or his real life person, he does his best to charm the pants out of you. Because he always seems jovial, friendly, like the coolest kid in school who still wouldn't hesitate to be friends with the biggest loser. Watch any tv show, whenever SRK is in front of the camera, you just end up watching it anyways. He always manages to crack jokes, even at his own expense, loves to talk about his wife, and is always grateful. Yes he seems arrogant once in a while, but its usually the fun kind of arrogance. And he always seems to love kids. 
So all in all, yes, we love Shah Rukh Khan, because he seems the type of guy you could be friends with. 
Don't believe me, try this. Think about at least one SRK movie which you like, where he is the star. Watch it, and then tell me if you don't like the movie mainly because of him. 

And here's one of my favourite films. 

PS: Happy Diwali guys! sorry for taking the one month break. What to do, stupid projects took up my time. And the diwali sweets just made me lazy. Cheers :D

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  1. Ooooh, dynamic view eh? First one I have seen:) Looking good actually.

    And yes, though Ra.One is lame, people fail to realize that he's become synonymous to Bollywood for certain reasons, reasons that they refuse to acknowledge.