Sunday, November 20, 2011

So now what..

1) Couldn't think of a better title.

2) Have a submission tomorrow and I haven't done shit.

3) Two pegs down (this is called dedication).

4) Dynamic view template was cool. for like a day. Hate that I couldn't customize it so back to the old, classic 'I can make my blog look however I want' look.

5) Been too busy. Didn't have time to read your blogs. Sorry :P

6) Love life is the same as always (non-existent).

7) Reiterating this point but: work, work, work.

8) Done with painting most of the graffiti on my hostel room wall. Should put up a picture as soon as I'm done.

9) Anyone know any date-able women? They seem to have died out in Kolkata. I'm not desperate...oh wait I am.

10) Also I wish 9) doesn't alienate the female readership.

Will read your blogs soon, and make nonsensical comments. 


  1. Hhahahahah! NON EXISTENT love life eh..Hold on Mister. Singledome rocks!! And about Graffiti...waiting for a click of it!!!!
    Hope u get a dateable woman soon in KOLKATTA!

  2. singledome rocks? trouble in paradise? lol
    okay maybe it rocks if one's a girl and/or a player, otherwise you're stuck with beer for company :D