Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why start a blog in 2011 when it's so last decade?

There's a constant sheer by self-professed marketing gurus that blogging is dead. Newspapers have also been written off, yet I read one everyday in the loo, as does the rest of India.
And whatever may be the current status of blogging, one does need to rant, and what better place to rant than on the internet. Of course friends are there, but they can listen to only so much before they say 'stop whining' and/or show you the finger!
So yes, now I have a blog to whine, rant, crack lame jokes, abuse, fill the endless internet space with heaps and heaps of my personal thoughts etc, etc. Do I expect people to read this? Not one bit! I had in fact started a blog in 2008 which no one ever read, so don't have too many expectations this time around. But hey, if my friend Niyati can get a fan following on her blog, so can I. She is of course smarter, and a better writer, but I'm infinitely funnier.
And of course I won't be writing about fashion and boys. Though, like her, I will be writing about law school, the girls (actually the lack of them in my life), about how awesome my home town Bombay is and taking every moment to make fun of the city where my college is located. Yes its Bongland, or like everyone else calls it, Kolkata.
To end my introductory post, I just like to say, blogging may be dying, but it sure is better than 150 characters, describing my toilet timings, and hormonal moods on twitter. It is also better than polluting my friends' home feeds on facebook. Don't you just hate it when that happens?
I am a self-serving whore, who adores public praise, so if you do happen to chance upon this juvenile attempt to document my life, please comment on it. You are allowed to say that its terrible, but I assure you, my comeback will be better than yours.

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