Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Law school aka NUJS

A friend told me that if one keeps writing regularly, one will get an audience. So I'm gonna try it out. Either ways, even if I don't get an audience, my future, unnamed biographer will have a database to work with. So as I sit in my seemingly 2 by 2 cramped up bedroom, using the ultra-slow college net, there is no better topic to write than college. This is hopefully the first of many rants.

So welcome to my college. NUJS- The National University of Juridical Sciences. Before coming here, I actually thought someone must have been drunk when he gave such a ridiculous name to it. But after staying here for two years, my opinion is that he must have been drunk and stoned.
The above photo is of the academic block. The same stoned fellow named it Ambedkar Bhavan. So let me explain to you the position of college in India. Officially, we're the third best law college in the country, the second best (better than NALSAR) on account of self-proclamation and definitely no. 1 when it comes to drinking, smoking up and procrastination. Common, its in Calcutta, what else do you expect?

Of course there is a small chunk who actually give the college its esteemed position, and manage to get recruiters always ready to give over-paying jobs. But the majority is too busy drinking and partying every week. As for me, well, I haven't had anything to drink in over a week, and life seems incomplete, so you can guess what I do in college.

Now I'm actually bored of writing, so much for my ambitious plans.

PS: I actually thought about advertising on my blog today. Then I realised 'who'd want to advertise here?' :P

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