Sunday, June 5, 2011

Corruption, a Baba and idiots in the Government

I don't like Baba Ramdev. There, I said it. You like him? In all due offence, you're an idiot. Of course I support the cause against corruption. Anna Hazare and Shanti Bhushan did a great job, and I really hope a strong Lokpal Bill is passed. That being said, Baba Ramdev's campaign, if you can call it that, was for a lot more than just IMMEDIATELY bringing back black money from abroad. I really doubt Ramdev know's what the word immediately means. Anyways, his campaign had other demands. For starters, he wants the government to stop the printing of currency notes of denominations 500 and 1000, as this will aid in preventing corruption (umm how?). Also he wants death penalty for all who are corrupt. Say what you will, but that's just mean. Apart from these demands, his list also goes on to include the removal of all English practices in taxation, governance, etc and switch to 'Swadeshi' (whatever that means), and of course the age-old, stop using the English language and use Indian languages as the medium of education. These are just demands from his current campaign. Previously he has claimed that his yoga has powers which cure Cancer and AIDS, homosexuality is adoption of Western culture, and homosexuals are sick people who should be sent to the hospital for treatment. All this should tell you how seriously I take Baba Ramdev. But what happened last night wasn't just wrong, but also idiotic.

How the Government should have actually behaved? Well, the fast(or protest or whatever that was) should have continued. It would have fizzled out in a day or so because I really think people like their 500 Rupee notes. The Government's actual response was to send out top Ministers, wagging their tails in front of Baba Ramdev thinking he represented the popular voice of the people. If he seriously represents all Indians, I'm giving up my Indian citizenship. Anyways, when Ramdev didn't listen, they decided to send in the Police, lathi charge the hell out of Baba Ramdev and his followers and arrest them. Till yesterday, it was my dearest ambition to force him to learn English, and make him write 'I support gay rights' like a gazillion times (perhaps kick him once or twice). But today, seeing him a broken man on television, I almost felt bad for him.

The point is, no matter how idiotic a person is, as long he is not breaking any law or is a threat to public life and safety he should be allowed to stage a protest. That is the very crux of our democracy. A person has every right to speak and act freely, its our Constitutional guarantee. The response of the government is simply put, unacceptable and frankly speaking idiot. By doing so, not only have the jeopardized their own position, but also turned a two grade hack into a hero. The saddest part is that the actual cause, the anti-corruption cry is lost in a din of political drama. And with the BJP and other political parties jumping in on the bandwagon, Satyagraha has lost its meaning.

PS: Kabil Sibal and Chidambaram, I know you guys are ace lawyers, but what the hell is wrong with you?


  1. wow!! excellent post!! no one could have said it with such wit and apt!! *thumbs up* ..

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  3. I hate Baba Ramdev as well. Perhaps I am not as objective, and I understand the whole deal about democracy and stuff, but there was sufficient idiocy on Baba Ramdev's part as well. I wasn't completely sad that he was driven away like that. He was seeking a few more minutes of fame, or so I thought.

    Against corruption, I am as well. However, the Lokpal Bill isn't foolproof. It appoints civilians, doesn't it? and members of the government? The representatives of the government are answerable to the people. But who will the civilians be answerable to? I don't know. Either I don't understand it well enough and somebody needs to make me, or this is a genuine problem.

    Great post nevertheless. I could also post what I thought :P