Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's going on right now

1) I just started watching Dexter. Just finished with season one, but its awesome!

2) I was once again able to find the new blog of a fellow blogger, which I enjoy reading. You've already changed your blog thrice this year, and if you're reading this, this is a request to not change it again.

3) I got new bluetooth speakers, Creative D100. I know its early, but I think this is love at first sight.

4) My internship ends tomorrow, and I head back to college in a weeks time. I actually liked my internship, going to Court and everything. I might be cut out to be a lawyer after all. Plus it always helps, when there's a young, pretty lawyer in your office.

5) The Feedjit bar on my blog tells me that my two posts, 'Random thoughts about lack of girlfriend at 11PM' and 'The Friend Zone' are the most widely read. Turns out that people surfing the World Wide Web do enjoy reading about my issues with women (or lack of). I'll try and write more about the same, but I'm going through a nonchalant, 'I don't give a rats ass'-type phase. Its kinda nice. Don't worry though, I'll go back to my depressive, self-deprecating ways, soon enough.

PS: If you do enjoy reading about my miseries, it wouldn't hurt to comment. I would like to read your advice/opinion.


  1. Dexter is an awesome show!

    You're talking about Dipti? I've been following(trying to) her for almost 4 years now and trust me, she has probably changed her blog a 100 times.

    P.S. Nice blog. will keep visiting.

  2. Dexter FTW!

    Thanks, you have a pretty great blog as well. But I think you already know that :)

  3. I love reading about ur misery!!! Who will I empathize with otherwise? :P Dexter is recommended by all... maybe i shld watch it... M so bored as all the my series' season are over...

  4. I finished watching all the seasons of Dexter! It gets more addictive with each season :D

    I like your blog posts. Don't see any miseries around here :)

  5. Haha, well no pretty girl has walked in to my life recently, so no miseries :D

  6. Reading about miseries is fun, since you are not a part of it.

    Nd i dnt think you live in misery. Itseems pretty cool except the whole law thing.. Law school fuck you up. Umm not alwats.

    Dexter is one helluva series....

  7. Hey! You've been awarded. Check out this page. :)

  8. @Red Handed: Haha, law school can totally fuck you up. Luckily, people in my law school drink and party all the time. So you can see why I like it :)

    @Between The Lines: Thank you soo much! You really made my day.