Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I made a Lamp

So when you're in a hostel room with only a tube-light as your primary source of lighting you tend to look for alternate sources. Hence, in addition to buying a lamp, I decided to make one myself.

Its mainly for drinking purposes, and mood lighting. Or something like that. In case you're wondering what it is, its a bunch of diwali lights stuffed into a Sula white wine bottle. I actually made a similar one in a Kingfisher bottle but the electrical shop guy sold me cheap lights which burnt through the wires, causing my friend to run for his life. Bastards. Sometimes I really hate bong shop keepers. And my friend, well, what if my room had burned down? B*******.

Regarding the lamp, no I'm not gay. What's wrong with a little creativity?


  1. I am so gonna make one for myself....
    Luks trendy.!

  2. i love diwali lights

    and thumbs up for mood lighting! i HATE tube lights, reminds me of HOMEWORK from school

    well done well done

  3. This, I'm going to try as soon as I can get a wine bottle. And being creative is NOT equal to being gay, whoever gave you that impression :)