Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Week that was

F*** what a week! So I maybe partially drunk, and smoked a lot, so excuse any grammatical errors. Anyways, I got back to college on Monday, paid the sweeper a hundred bucks and he cleaned every little corner of the room (Hundred bucks well spent. I'd tell you about the spiders and baby lizard who were staying rent free, but thats more gross than amusing). Now hostel rooms are frickin tiny, but I tried pimping out my room in the best way possible. Put up the Star Wars and Pulp Fiction posters, lined the shelves with books and set up the speaker. I also drew stuff on the wall, and now I'm in a dilemma whether to finish them, or just paint the damn wall. Oh and the walls don't have any paint, its just choona. So every time you sit with your head resting on the wall, you get grey hair. Yes, the shortcomings of an Indian college. (The photo doesn't do justice to the room, in case you're wondering)

There are a whole new bunch of juniors, and frankly speaking they're dull as hell. Like seriously, I thought of ragging, but its no fun when you ask them to tell you something interesting and they tell you they like watching television. And no pretty women! None whatsoever. And being in the third year, I have lesser class hours as well. What am I supposed to do in my free time?! :P

And bloggers got a facelift, like the rest of google. It's quite cool actually. Btw, does anyone have a Google+ (or Google plus, I don't know what to call it) account. I'm dying for an invite! It seems so much better than facebook.
Whats been up with you guys? Oh, and thanks for all the wishes. It really means a lot that you guys read what I write.

PS: Dipti, thanks for going back to using frozenvignettes as your blogger id. You may wanna think about making that one permanent (at least for a year :)


  1. i had a crazy week too. found the post pretty amusing. the choona and the lizard bit especially :D

  2. Crazy i must say!
    And about the juniors even i am disheartened. No cool ones and no good looking ones.

  3. Hostel Rooms...
    feeling nostalgic..
    no matter what hell hole it is..we kinda start likin it.
    and miss it soo bad..

    dude..enjoy your wonderful time in the campus..while it lasts..

    and yeah..juniors..these days..they are soo disappointing..
    I know..they stopped making them smart..

  4. And I thought my hostel room sucked... Lol..
    Try painting the walls a shocking red or an electric blue:P Might alleviate the boredom of the choona

    Lemme know if you still need an invite by the time you read this..

  5. Didja get my mail? Gimme a gmail ID.

  6. Nah, didnt get your mail.
    Thanks a million :D

  7. hahah Okay yeah! at least for an year. Talk about GREAT EXPECTATIONS Anish!



    G+ - i was very excited about it too, till I joined... it's so dull so far, I don't think the fb crowd will relocate and it doesnt make sense to shift after spending years on facebook!

    but i will. slowly and steadily.

    I am so fickle!

  8. ps - gorgeous room :pp

    depressing juniors! lol