Tuesday, September 27, 2011

3000 AD

(This is a short story I had written for an English paper about 3 and a half years ago. Today all of a sudden I felt like exploring the world I'd created once more and decided to write another story, a prequel of sorts. So before writing that story, here's the original :)

I could see the atmosphere affecting the plastic body of the shuttle. I ascended towards space, leaving the 'dome' and the planet behind. Safely above the acidic atmosphere, I looked back on the planet I once used to call home. Earth, they used to call it. I had studied when I was young, that Earth was once blue, the air was once clean. Difficult to imagine that, seeing that the planet I was looking at now was red with craters and 'domes'. The domes were large, semi-circular structures where people could live without being affected by the atmosphere. Suddenly my monitor burst into life.

"All space crew outside. poceed for take-off ",said the Captain."Yes sir", I responded. "Alert . All ground crew prepare for evacuation,"I spoke into the transmitter. "Take off on my command. Fly to a distance of hundred kilometres outside the atmosphere and then go to the new facility through anti-space. Over and out." The monitor was showing me live transmission of the activities on 'Core Earth', ( that was the new name of this ravaged planet). People were pushing each other to get into the space shuttles, while the ground crew to get into the space shuttles, while the ground crew were struggling to maintain order. The Earth was about to crumble but we still had not lost our primeval behaviour.
I saw the 'Shudras' huddled in a corner, silent, aware of their g=future. The Shudras were the poor souls who had been affected by the air that was filled with poisonous gases and diseases. A majority vote by the countries in the UN, ordered the Shudras to stay on Core Earth even as it was being destroyed. They need not have bothered. Most Shudras would have agreed to stay and die, rather than continue the miserable life they were leading even on a new planet. In another dome i saw the Capatalists makiing their way towards their private shuttles. Class distinction had always been a part of humanity and sadly would always remain so.

The first shuttle took off from the Indian dome simultaneously as six other shuttles rose from their respective countries. Suddenly the first American shuttle burst into flames. "The idiot punched hype-burn too early, killed fifty-thousand people in one stroke", Henry muttered into the transmitter. I smirked and said,"That's fifty-thousand and one less American idots polluting the new planet. "Thats true",replied Henry."Shit, gotta get back to commanding the French shuttle" and the transmission ended. All the other shuttles went into anti-spac without any incident.
" Last seven shuttles taking off,"muttered the Captain,"Begin the clean-up process as soon as they proceed into anti-space. Then leave for anti-space. Good luck". I saw the final shuttles above Core-Earth and then they disappeared into anti-space. "Prepare to trigger the lasers in 3...............2..............1.............now!" I ordered. At once seven green lights descended towards the planet. Silence......Then the planet disintegrated, leaving a huge patch of empty, black space. "Good work boys, meet you on yhe new facility,"I punched hyper-burn and at once I was wading through the white tunnel of anti-space.
I came out at about two thousand kilometres away from a small, blue planet. There were white clouds surrounding it and brown land amidst the blue. It was the most spectacular sight I had ever see. I descended towards this new planet. As I entered it's atmosphere my monitor showed me that it contained 32% Oxygen, 76% Nitrogen & 2% othere gases :-air.
I landed on a clean green patch of ground. I jumped out of my shuttle and breathed in the fresh, natural air. I looked around and there she stood, Mother Eart amidst her lush green forests, fresh and unpolluted air, clear running streams---triumphant, rejuvenated and happy with the fresh lease of life.

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