Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The day I was born

Okay, so I officially turned 20 about 3 hours ago. Crap. I'm so old. Buddah! Fuck. I know 20 isn't that old, but seriously its just easier being a kid. The crazy me is gonna start sobering down (I hope not). So I'll let you in on a little secret, I share a bitter-sweet relation with birthdays. Sweet because I love it when everyone wishes me and stuff, bitter cause somehow its always a little underwhelming. Maybe I expect too much. Shut up, I know its retarded. Its my birthday okay, let me whine! So anyways, I'm partially drunk, can't find a single smoke, and have plans to party hard this weekend. And I have a drunk birthday wishlist. There's no chance in hell even one of these is gonna happen, but hey, I can hope right?

1) I wanna be a part of a flash mob (honestly it seems like so much fun)

2) Someone should write my memo for the moot (its a pain in the ass, and honestly speaking I'm lost...the troubles a person in law school faces :P )

3) Trip to New York (stay with friends at NYU...and strip clubs!)

4) I want a projector (watch movies all day long on my wall..common, you know you want one as well)

5) Skydiving! (it seemed amazing in zindagi na milegi dobara)

6) All my non-college friends from around the world to be in Kolkata (I can be nostalgic right?)

7) I want the girl who I'm in love with to like me back (don't laugh, you knew this one was coming) 

Cheers :)


  1. May the good LORD...i.e if you believe in him just like you believe in Santa Claus...fulfill all the points in your wishlist...FLASH MOB???U SURE?? :p

  2. Happy Birthday! Most of the items in your wishlist is do-able... So I wish you good luck with them all. Have a blasting year ahead!


    Projectors be so cool, yo. B)
    And I wanna go skydiving too! Seems so much fun. :D

    No. 7, yes I knew that was coming. :P
    I really hope she falls in love with you too. Good luck with that. ^_^

  4. 20 is old?! 21 is even more so and you have one WHOLE year to get to where I am:|

    :D Dude, you're more than half-drunk!
    Take a look at this when you're not and re-post it:P

    And happy birthday!!

    P.S: Do post pictures if you ever actually decide to be part of the mob.
    P.P.S: Blow the candles and wish for her at 11.11. It works. I swear.

  5. Hey Happy Birthday! :D

    I know how it sucks to enter into the '20' league.

    Drunk wish list..yet accomplish-able. All the best :D