Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best TV Shows of 2011

Since I haven't managed to catch all the films of 2011 (waiting for their DVD screeners. Piracy zindabad!), and since all american tv shows are off air till the new year, I though I'd do a 'best-of' list regarding the TV shows. There's of course an added caveat that since no non-television critic can watch all TV shows airing, my list of course would be woefully incomplete. I haven't had a chance to watch critically acclaimed shows such as Breaking Bad, Homeland, or even Community (aside from the random episodes I saw in its first season). Anyways, I'll leave you to judge for yourself.

8) The Walking Dead

It's a show set in a post apocalyptic wasteland filled with zombies, what's not to like?! Well technically, this show could have been much higher up on the list. In all honesty, the first season wowed me. And while the second season is still good per say, its a lot slower, and with lesser zombies.

7) New Girl

Common, everybody loves Zooey Deschanel. Yes, that woman from 500 Days of Summer. She plays the same quirky character she's always played, and no, I'm not complaining. The rest of the cast is pretty great as well, and the show is genuinely funny...for the most part. 

6) How I Met Your Mother

Seven seasons and counting! Sure, there are several complaints that it's become too repetitive, and season 7 is more of a drama than a sitcom. Me, I don't find these problems. Sure, every once in a while there's an episode which is kinda dumb, but mostly season 7 has been great so far. It's had some of the most emotional story lines ever in a sitcom, and yet it manages to keep the laughs coming. 

5) The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 is better than ever. With the added regular characters of Bernadette and Amy, the already 5 member cast has become an awesome 7 member cast. Also, how can Sheldon having a Sheldonesque girlfriend in Amy not be funny? 

4) Castle 

I thought the season 3 finale was the high point of the series. But season 4 tops it. Right from the emotional impact of the season opener, to the episode where Castle is in a hostage crisis, the latest season of Castle has grown from strength to strength. The supporting cast especially Ryan and Esposito too received their share of action. Also the 'will they-won't they' camaraderie between Castle and Beckett never grows old.  

3) Shameless

Generally remakes of popular British shows aren't that great (The Office being an exception), but this show was brilliant. I haven't seen the British original, but this show stands well on its own. A dramatic comedy about a working class family, has an assorted bunch of quirky and interesting characters. This show is dark (really, really dark), but its always fun, and packs in an emotional punch. 

2) Happy Endings

It started off late, following Mr. Sunshine (a show I was rooting for). The entire first season (telecasted out of order) was crap. It had to be one of the worst Friends rip-off I'd ever seen. It had terrible ratings, and was bound to be cancelled. But then a strange thing happened. Matt Perry went into rehab, therefore Mr. Sunshine had to be cancelled. Since the channel didn't have anything else, Happy Endings was renewed for a couple episodes. And the spark that I saw only in the pilot (and perhaps in one or two episodes) turned into what I can now safely say is one of the funniest comedies on TV. Sure, its a show about six friends in Chicago, but its strength lies in its idiosyncratic humour and the super chemistry between the cast. Also, the sole gay character in the show is the most non-stereotypical gay character every. And yes, its a bloody good thing (not to mention, hilarious). 

1) Modern Family

Strange. Quirky. Hilarious. Slapstick. Heart-warming. All these adjectives don't even begin to describe what has been the best show on tv since its very inception. Already in its 3rd season and still as strong as ever, Modern Family is truly, truly brilliant. Every character is downright hilarious. Of course Phil and Cam take the crown, but the rest of the cast isn't too far behind. Plus, the little montages at the end simply put a wide smile on your face. If there's anything certain in life, its definitely that Modern Family is the most fun you can have in 21 minutes.

These were of course my favourite tv shows in 2011, with New Girl taking the awards for both 'Most Pleasant Surprise' and 'Best New TV Show'. A special mention for Person of Interest, which is a good show. Not grand by any means, but definitely a show worth watching.

Also the award for the 'Most Disappointing New Show' goes to Terra Nova. Not because it's bad or un-watchable. It's simply because when you mix futuristic technology with dinosaurs, coupled with a huge budget and Steven Spielberg producing, one expects a lot more than simply 'watchable'.

The 'Most Irritating Show which people will keep watching' is of course Two and a Half Men. Now that Charlie Sheen's trademark 'I'm an alcoholic and a sex-addict' jokes are gone, Alan's irritating shenanigans completely take over. Can't believe I  (along with millions of other people) still watch this.

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  1. I loved this post.I am a huge sitcom/tvshow fan! And I couldn't agree more about Terranova and 2 1/2 men! :)