Saturday, December 3, 2011

Delhi flash mob fail!

I'm sorry guys but this really isn't cool. Or fun. And sadly it reeked 'gimmicky' and 'we want publicity' even before it actually failed. Plus you called the media.  I mean I love my friends from Delhi, but seriously guys, not happening. On the other hand you did give the rest of India material for laughter, so cheers for that :) Okay I'm just being mean, but can you blame me after watching the video?


  1. Delhi is just a very sucky place.

  2. Haha true.
    Dude you haven't blogged since Diwali! :P

  3. Well...the flash mob did suck! and may be it even reeked of 'copying'...But please don't start the Delhi vs. Mumbai debate here...we all know both cities have got their pros and cons...