Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friends who start dating and another girlfriend rant

Don't you just hate it when your friends start dating. Yeah of course you're happy for them for like 5 minutes and then you start cursing in your head. Not anyone in particular, more like 'fuck this cannot be happening again'.

So they start dating, taking stupid walks all over the place, constantly messaging, and generally being painful to hang out with. Okay not painful to hang out with, just hanging out a lot less. And almost every time you wanna go out to grab a meal, they have 'plans', if you want to see a movie, they've already seen it, if you just wanna waste your time with them, they're wasting it elsewhere. It makes my blood curl. And if anyone reading this (please follow my blog, I'm begging you) thinks I'm bitter, well no shit I'm bitter.

Look here's the thing, I hate it because friends really mean a lot to me. And I hate it that I can't hang out with them as much. But more importantly I hate it simply because of the fact that I feel left out. You don't have a girlfriend, you're slightly lonely, but your friend has a girlfriend/boyfriend, now you're alone. (Okay here comes another girlfriend rant, brace yourself).

I've actually given up on finding a girl. And I've even stopped trying. 'Cause if you don't try, you don't get rejected. Its a lot better to not try for success than be unsuccessful for the umpteenth time. I've got years of rejection as proof. So I act like like a douche, a jerk and all in all, like a chauvinistic pig. But hey pigs have feelings too.

Thanking your blessed soul for reading this rant,
have a good Sunday.

PS: why the fuck does everyone have to date someone at the same time?
PSS: I realise the picture doesn't exactly apply to the post, but it was the best that I could find.


  1. Haha ! :d Seriously..why does everyone have to date someone at the same time!

    Most of my friends are dating too. When someone breaks up - I feel very bad for them but at the same time..I also feel glad to have my friend back to me :D lol