Friday, April 15, 2011

Those Oversensitive Idiots

Okay so I don't feel like going into lame personal rants today. Yes, I am trying to increase readership (i.e. getting some actual humans to read follow this blog), but be warned, this is a temporary thing, and I will return to torturing the internet with my mindless, self-deprecating and self-loathing posts once again (evil laugh). So lets talk about something else.

The original title of this post was in fact ' Those retarded, oversensitive fags' but I thought it best not to start with an apparently 'insensitive and uneducated' title, especially since I'm trying to get people to read this (Yes, I am a whore for attention. It could have been worse, I could have sung Friday like ole Rebecca Black). So what is this post about? Well I'm beginning to seriously dislike people who get all oversensitive and douchy on you. Here's an example: I called the people who funded the Justin Beiber documentary retards on Facebook (didn't we all), and one of my friends commented below it saying 'Don't use the r word.' Like seriously, what the *beep*?

I'm not complaining about the friend. I get where he's coming from. And don't get me wrong, I'm all for a little sensitivity in this world. Heck, I'm Mr. Sensitive (irrespective of what the girls in my class say). What I really don't get it is when some pretentious oversensitive dude goes all 'hey, show a little sensitivity'. No character judgment, its just annoying, that's all. I reserve the right to call people (especially the ones I know) either gay, a fag or even retarded. I can call Justin Beiber gay, Charlie Sheen a retard and Lady Gaga a faggot. This is not being insensitive. Insensitive is going up to a person who in fact suffering from some metal ailment and going 'haha retard!' Understand the difference.

What difference does it make if its in a different context? Besides when was the last time you referred to a mentally challenged person as 'retarded'. Of course you call friends retarded every now and then for doing something stupid. If you really can't spot the difference, then seriously stop talking. If everyone starts getting oversensitive about every little thing, the world would literally blow up. I'd start a revolution with other short people the next time someone called me a 'midget', China might nuke India for calling them 'chinki' and so on and so forth. The point being, that mere words have very little value if its not used with the force or intention. Actually the point is stop annoying the fuck out of me if I call you a retard.


PS: Blogs got more than hundred views. I know most of the views are my own, but thanks to the odd few people who actually took the time to read this. You guys rock. Please spread the word (I told you I'm a whore trying to increase readership :D

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