Saturday, April 16, 2011

Truths about life

I love lists, so here's one about the non-philosophical truths (for the most part at least).

1) Bombay is better than Delhi.
2) You may like different cuisines, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, but deep down, you know Indian food is the best!
3) Deep down, everyone's a romantic.
4) No one ever stops watching Friends reruns no matter how many times you've seen each episode.
5)You never forget your childhood crush.
6) Almost every personal blog consists of self-mocking whines.
7) Men are allowed more freedom and can pee standing up. Women, deal with it.
8) Women can get multiple orgasms. Men, deal with it.
9) No matter how many times you say, you're not gonna get drunk and sloshed again, you still end up doing it.
10) You stopped buying music, the minute you learnt how to use the internet to download it.
11) You've made fun of at least one person in your life.
12) You agree that Friday by Rebecca Black is the worst song you've ever heard. But somehow, the tune is becoming catchier the more you listen to it.
13) If you don't have a Blackberry, you always say its of no real use. When you have a Blackberry, you show it off to everyone, but know that in fact it was a waste of money.
14) Apple products are over-hyped, over-priced, not superior to others, and the company hasn't made anything innovative since the original Iphone in 2005.
15) Google is awesome! But you're scared that they store all your info.
16) You get happy when you have more Facebook friends than your friends.
17) Self-help books never help, and deep down you know that Robin Sharma is an idiot who just stole your money.


  1. haha good one! :D

    But hey..I don't think Apple is over may be over priced..but its certainly the best.

  2. GAH!!! disagree with too many to even type. my fingers will fall off :)

  3. haha, you must be from Delhi ;)