Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Strange Dates

Just realised the date was 1/1/11 exactly a month ago. I know, I'm late with this post, but it just came to me. Strange dates like these don't mean for squat but everyone for some reason gets cheap thrills out of them. Of course I do wish dates like these meant a lot more than random, coincidental numbers, but they turn out to be like every other day.

So the last time I actually got excited about some date was some 5 years ago when the date read 06.06.06. Yes, the date on which the Bible (or was it the New Testament, I have no frickin idea about religions) said the Anti-Christ would arrive. I remember getting thrilled at the possibility of the end of the world. Common, wouldn't it be cool to see the son of the devil and the son of god go medieval on each other, while the rest of us mortals scream in agony. If any Christians out there are reading this, please don't go all 'Hail Mary/Sweet Jesus!' on me, I mean no disrespect.

Oh and if anyone is planning upon watching the Omen, please watch the original Gregory Peck one and not the 2006 remake. The remake was plain awful. You actually rooted for the kid, because everyone else was so lame.

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