Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to business

Aah, what a week! So my week long vacation is finally over, and another internship starts tomorrow. Anyways, I had gone to Kabini, a place in Karnataka, where two national parks are located. I stayed at the Orange County Resort, which for the record was fantabulous! Amazing view (its bang on the river), mouth-watering food, and wait for it...pool villa! Thats right, I had a pool in my backyard! These are some of the photos I took from my phone.

The sunset view from the reading lounge:

The Resort Pool. Yeah, thats the river in the background

And that's the villa I stayed in

They also had these Boat and Jeep safaris which take you into the national park. I managed to capture some insane photos of elephant on my camera (which I'll try and upload later). Although I wish we could have managed to spot a tiger or a leopard. The people who went for the jeep safari the next day spotted a leopard :P

After Kabini my parents and sister went home, while I chilled in Bangalore at a friends place. Okay so Bangalore isn't the booze capital of India. But it most definitely the beer capital of India. I had so much beer there. In the span of one day, I think three pitchers were consumed. No I'm not an alcoholic, but beer was literally a substitute for water. And most places served only beer, no other alcohol. That too Fosters draught! If you do go there, visit the legendary Pecos. Its got awesome food and cheap beer. Although there's cheap beer all over Bangalore. And 'happy hour' is of no significance when most places have happy hours from 10AM to 6Pm and the slightly shadier ones have it from 10AM to 10PM.

Of course Bangalore isn't all safe, there's a stupid 11:30 curfew, barely any clubs because of the 11:30 curfew, and some serious language issues if you aren't a south Indian (which I'm not). So I wouldn't ever move out of Bombay (we don't get out partying before 11), but if you're looking for a pub crawl, Bengaluru is definitely your place.

Oh and this is what was on the toilet walls of this pub called Toit.

'Empty Walls
perfect to make out on
(this loo's door locks
from the inside too)'


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  2. Resort seems like a beautiful place!!!
    Was this loo mesg on a men's room or ladies? :P

  3. the resort pool is wow!
    and the first pic is beautiful :)

    lol @ the loo message :D

  4. @Vidhya: its the mens toilet, but my friend told me there's something similar in the ladies. I don't know, they didn't let me in ;)

    @Sugar Cube: Dude, the view from the pool was insane!