Thursday, May 19, 2011


Does anyone truly know you? Most of us, we live different lives, with different people. Our behavior with parents is different from our behavior with friends. Our behavior with one friend is different from another. We get to chose whom we let into our weird little worlds, and how much of it we reveal to another person. But in all of it, do we ever reveal everything about ourselves to anyone?

Everyone knows me as the joker, or the guy who makes bad jokes. If my life was a sitcom, I'd definitely be Chandler from seasons 1-4. I guess almost everyone even thinks I have a false sense of pride, and the belief that I'm better than most. Some, know that its put on, I do it simply for fun. Lesser people know that I'm genuine, or at least I hope that a handful know I'm genuine. Almost nice. And I think certain individuals know that I'm not exactly the fun-loving, not giving a crap about the world, takes life with a pinch of salt person I pretend or try to be. I don't usually tell people about the time when I used to be depressed, its not exactly the normal dinner or movie conversation you have with friends.

But thats the thing isn't it? How can people ever know you, inside out? We put on our masks, play our roles, and let the world see the play. I guess I know what 'All the world's a stage' means. We get type-cast, and see each other in the same way. The jock, the popular, the cool, the friendly, the slut, the bitch, the joker, the smart, the geek. But ever so often, there's a person, or persons, whom we reveal ourselves to, who reveal themselves. And hopefully that lasts, because that is in fact, all you need.

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