Thursday, May 19, 2011


Aah, the blog defining post on Alcohol. Now if you're one of those traditional Indians, who scorn at us with our alcohol guzzling ways, with the whole 'whats the current generation coming to', raised eyebrows and utter contempt, well you can f*** off. This post is not meant for you, heck blogging might not be meant for you. On the other hand, if you're in your early twenties, when beer is like coffee, welcome to my world. But first, lets get some things straight. Alcohol doesn't help you in anyway and too much of it will kill you.
Stop calling me blasphemous, that's an advisory for the kids.

On the other hand, alcohol is suitable for all occasions. When you're on top of the world, alcohol adds to the fun. When you're depressed, it shares your sorrow. Me, I was more of a beer person, now I'm more inclined to whiskey. I can't afford Scotch on a college-student budget :P

Okay list time, so here's the advantages of alcohol:
- (once again) suitable for all occasions
- beer goggles (helps you when the hot girl whom you'd never have a shot with when she's sober)
- you dance at the club!
- more importantly, you don't feel like an idiot whilst dancing
- someone hates you, buy him a beer and all of a sudden you're the best of friends.
- lowered inhibitions dude!
- its never awkward to have a heart to heart
- you can ask someone out, then blame it on being drunk and needy
- simply a good time

Hold on, its got its disadvantages
- you tend to make a fool of yourself
- beer goggles (helps the ugly girl who'd never have a shot with you)
- your in trouble if the hot girl has a boyfriend
- beer belly (its the worst!)
- lowered inhibitions :P

Warning: Do not drink and drive.....unless she's hot and you're in a hurry.



  1. Lol..I loved the last line. :D

  2. Alcohol induced heart to hearts can be pretty embarrassing once you're sober! :P