Sunday, May 8, 2011


I''m just gonna say, tattoos are cool! Okay my opinion is definitely biased since I have one, but I thought they were cool for years before I actually decided to get one. Yes, I do know its ink applied to your skin with needles and it stays forever. And for some reason older people really freak out when someone they know gets a tattoo. Yes, there is a lot of negativity associated with tattoos. But hey, I got one, and all my friends said they liked it.

Look at it this way, tattoos are something which are really personal in nature. Its a form of expression of self. At least I interpret it that way. The way you dress, your hair-style, the way you talk, all say something about you. So does your tattoo. And contrary to popular belief, it doesn't hurt that much, at least it didn't hurt me that much. Besides, no matter what anyone says, its definitely hot! Plus, these days its not really looked down upon. Old people still have an issue, but I guess the current generation (or whatever the hell newspapers call us these days) actually doesn't really look down upon it.

I'm not saying you have to get a tattoo. Its just that its a personal choice, and the right tattoo definitely says a lot about you. And if you're one of those conformists who thinks that tattoos are only for hippies, rapists and murderers, you could not be more wrong. No, I don't care God says about tattoos, but I'm pretty sure he couldn't be bothered about them. (This article is hilarious by the way:

So anyways, if you do decide to get a tattoo someday, heres some things you should keep in mind:
-Your tattoo is gonna last you for life. So before getting one think about whether you really want one and what design do you want. You don't wanna be 60 years old with this on your shoulder:

- There will always be someone out there who frowns, best get it at a place which can be covered and shown at will. Shoulder and the back is a good idea. Your face is not.
-No matter how hot it looks like in movies, DO NOT GET A TRAMP STAMP
-Do not be clich├ęd when it comes to tattoos. So no tribal tattoos, no dragons, no scorpions, no hearts and stars, no football team logos.
-Make it something personal. Maybe some great words in some other language, maybe some pattern which you think says a lot about you, maybe something which symbolizes what you do.
-Your parents, siblings' names are tattoo-worthy. Your boyfriend's/girlfriend's is not.
-Make sure that the place you get it from is safe, and clean, that your tattoo artist has sterilized his equipment, is using fresh disposable gloves and most importantly opens the pack of needles in front of you. As awesome as tattoos are, getting diseases is not worth it.

Oh and here's mine, tell me what you think:

PS: I saw Thor last week. Its awesome! (I might write a review soon)


  1. libra

    I have this itch to get a tattoo since God knows when.. but too scared of needles, I fainnnntt. But I do want one.


  2. Actually it isn't libra. There's fire on one side and water on the other, symbolizing the balance of aggressive with the composed ;)

    It looks scary as hell when the dude first inserts the needle into your skin, but it really doesn't hurt that much. Its as if someone's pinching you, and you get used to it in a couple minutes. Plus, generally the tattoo artists tend to talk to you to take your attention away from the pain, so its all good.

  3. Oh and I'm doing law, so it kinda shows that as well :D

  4. I like tattoos.Specially ones with good meaning. Don't understand why people ink names ;)
    I like yours.

    I'll get one soon. Thanks for the tips :P

  5. I love your tattoo..I saw the law in it at once :D I have pondered over the idea as well. never really got around doing it. Maybe sometime :D